Madison's Philosophy:

At Lotus Lash Studio it’s Madison’s belief that everyone deserves a customized look for their beautiful eyes. This is why she offers different versions of lash style for you to choose from. Every woman is unique and Madison wants to celebrate that! One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to Lashes. Each set will look unique on you. If you are not sure which set is right for you, Madison is happy to set up a free consultation for you. This way, you can discuss and assist in the design of your desired look, creating something unique just like you!

Did you get Eyelash Extensions from somewhere else and it wasn’t what you were expecting? Are your Extensions uncomfortable, twisting and turning, or clumpy looking? We can help! We specialize in corrective work. Most likely your Extensions were applied improperly and a removal will be needed. By removing the old Extensions we can help save your natural lashes and apply new Extensions properly. The result will be beautiful, natural looking Extensions that are comfortable and weightless.


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